Thanks to the WG High School Staff for attending Google Sites Session 2.

I wanted to thank the High School Staff for attending tonight’s Tech Wednesday Session. I posted a couple of short videos on how to access and begin editing. I plan to try and post a couple more this week but encourage you to contact me if there is anything specific that you want me to cover.

These videos are available on my YouTube and SchoolTube Channels and are also links under the “High School Tech Wednesday” section to the right.

On YouTube,

On SchoolTube,

Thank you to the high school staff for attending tonight’s Tech Wednesday on Google Sites!

Thank you so much for your time after school on Google Sites. I really appreciate the feedback. It always helps me

I will be making 2 versions of the template based on your suggestions. One will have elements from Mr. Bryan’s site. Both will be up before next week’s session.

I will try to post a follow up page to each session. If you click on “High School Tech Wednesday” to the right, you will see today’s session.

I put in some directions to access the template as I work on it. If you are comfortable making your own changes, you can save it now. I also posted a link below.