This week’s testing and news.

I wanted to post a quick update.

This week, we are starting to read Henry Huggins as a whole class.

Spelling lists will come home today. It is a commonly misspelled list. Spelling groups return next week.

We will have a short math quiz on Thursday. The review will come home Wednesday.

Math time tests for multiplication begin on Wednesday. We will start with 0,1, and 2.

Spelling and Simple Solutions will be on Friday as usual.

I am at an educational conference until Wednesday.

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Testing updates

This week’s tests

Tuesday: Math Test (Packet came home Friday)

Friday: Spelling and Simple Solutions Tests (Spelling list and Simple Solutions pretest to study comes home Monday)

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Testing reminder!

Tomorrow is the Reading Achievement Test. Please feel free to send in a snack for your child. The test is 2 1/2 hours so rest and a good breakfast is a huge help. The students have been working hard to prepare. I am very proud of them!

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