Thank you to the high school staff members who attended the Google Forms session.

I wanted to thank all of the staff members from West Geauga High School that attended the training after school. I know your schedule is very busy and I hope you found something of benefit.

I am getting used to the many features of Google Forms as well and many terrific points were brought up. I did find a way to deal with the problem of responses being able to be sent to anyone taking a quiz or a survey. I will make a short video tomorrow that shows how to create a quiz this way and post it from work if possible. (It all depends if the server will let me.) Otherwise, I will post it from home in the evening. I will post here when it is up. I am hoping this will help make Google Forms a more useful tool for you. I am glad the issue was brought up during our session.

On a side note, if any of you are checking out my site. Please feel free to follow me on Twitter. I set my site so that updates are posted to Twitter. I figured it might be a useful alternative to checking the site directly for updates.

Please email me at if I can do more to assist your efforts.