Paid Apps

Paid Apps

1) Smart Notebook – This is terrific for people with a Smartboard. You can create or open your Smartboard files on your iPad. You can save it and export it to your computer via email or iTunes. You can also display it on a monitor for small group use from the iPad or on your screen via Apple TV.

2) Pages – Pages is Apple’s word processor. It imports and exports Microsoft Word files as well.

3) Numbers – Numbers is Apple’s spreadsheet program. Think of this as their version of Excel,

4) Keynote – Keynote is Apple’s presentation software. PowerPoint users will really enjoy this one. This is awesome for students to create presentations, book reports, and projects that are interactive. Our 5th grade uses this for their Hall of Presidents. It works great one on one or with a larger group.

5) Paper – This is a terrific app that allows the creation of journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks. Individual pages can be exported and/or emailed. The program allows for different types of pens and pencils to be added, as well as color pallets.

6) Symmetry Shuffle – This is a very cool symmetry enrichment app from the makers of Math Doodles.

7) Math Doodles –

8) Link to great paid apps to assist in creating ebooks for and with your students.
Check out the apps here.

Paid Apps that are ebooks/interactive read alouds

1) The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore – This is a very imaginative book for use as a read aloud. The pages are fully interactive and a great for calling students up if displaying on a projector. It also works great for a student to read independently.

2) Numberlys – This is by the makers of Morris Lessmore. In a world where everyone is numbers and that is how they communicate, a small group of numbers develop the concept of letters. It changes their whole world. A fully interactive read aloud story.

3) When I grow up – This is a really fun book where a boy uses his imagination to come up with various career options. This could lead to a writing activity where students invent their own unusual career path.

4) Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure – This is available as a free “lite” version and a paid version. It’s an interactive storybook featuring two loveable dogs. Students and the whole class can fully interact with the illustrations.