Ipad Tip of the Week! (Updated 9/10/13)

Tip of the Week 9/10/13: Free apps to jumpstart your iPad cart.

Tip of the week for 6/10/13: File sharing

There are a few good ways to share files between iPads and computers and also iPad to iPad.

1) Google Drive: This is a free service where you can add storage at a premium if you wish. This is one of the many exciting and easy to use Google Apps. It’s an easy way to organize and share files interactively between devices.

2) Drop Box: I have added this in previous posts. I have used this the most. Similar to Google Drive it is also free with various premium options.

Both of these are essential for sharing work between home, school, with other teachers and with students. There is potential for sharing with parents and students at home and at school as well. Please see me if I can assist in any way.

Tip of the week for 5/21/13: Flash enabled browsers

One of the drawbacks of the iPad has been the lack of flash for certain web sites. I have had a lot of luck with the Puffin Web Browser, which is free. I also like the Photon Browser. Both currently work well at home for me. They do have issues with our network at school but if you or your students need a flash browsing solution at home, this works great. I recommend either for students who want to use Everyday Math games on their home tablets.

Tip of the week for 5/2/13: Force Quitting Applications

There are a number of reasons to force quit applications such as:

1) The application is not working correctly

2) Saving battery power

To force quit applications:

1) Double tap quickly on the “home” or round button on the bottom of the iPad

2) On the bottom of your screen, you will see all of your open apps

3) When it starts to jiggle, tap the to close it.

4) You can now open the app again if needed.

Tip of the week for 4/20/13: Splitting the keyboard on an iPad so it takes up less of the screen visually.

To split it

1) I have to give one of my students credit for this one.

2) When you are typing on an iPad and the keyboard pops up…

3) Pinch your fingers together

4) You should gently push down on the keyboard and quickly push your fingers apart like you are releasing a pinch.

5) This causes the keyboard to split in half so you can see the screen easier and type with your thumbs

To reconnect it

You can pinch your fingers together like you are pulling both parts back together

As with any tips or idea on this web site, please contact or see me if I can help further.

Tip of the week for 4/15/13: Quickly scan any document and send it to any iPad

1)Download Adobe Reader to any iPad. It’s a free app.

2) You can then use our copiers to quickly scan the document and email it to yourself.

3) You can mail it to yourself and open it on your iPad


3) Apply for a free “Drop Box” account. https://www.dropbox.com/

4) Install drop box on your computer and ipads.

5) You can use this to instantly share that document to every iPad in your classroom.

Please see me if need any help.