Free Apps

1) Kahn Academy – This app gives you access to over 3,500 videos from all subject areas. It basically links you to most of the content on the terrific

2) Free apps for students and teachers to create their own ebooks.
Great list of free apps to help with ebook creation in classrooms.
I picked this up at the ETECH conference. There are a number of really terrific apps here that allow you and/or your students to create their own ebooks. These can be storybook format or completely text based.

A) These could be used to create student reports where they gather information from Internet resources, textbooks, field trips, teacher direct prompts. These can be published and shared to create a digital library of student create ebooks by topic.
B) Students can gather or create their own pictures and illustrations or they can be provided by the teacher. This would depend on how focused of a topic is desired.