Thanks for attending tonight’s Prezi session! Videos are posted!

Thanks again for attending tonight’s Prezi session. With the craziness of the snow day yesterday, I received a number of emails from staff who wanted to attend but couldn’t due to schedule changes. Thanks so much for the heads up. I create the video content to try and meet the needs of staff members with conflicts. Please let me know if you weren’t able to attend a particular session and find them beneficial.

I posted the video content from the Prezi session. I broke them into 10 step by step videos that are labeled by topic. I know many of you have been trying out Prezi since the fall sessions. I hope some of these are useful to you as well based on what you have been trying.
As with any of the sessions, feel free to let me know if you want to meet to use any of what is presented in your classroom. Also, if there is a portion of Prezi that you would like to try that is not covered, let me know.
Videos are located in the “Teacher Resources” section of the district main page, under “PD Session Resources”.