End of the year note of the class: 6/5/13


Dear Class,

I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for giving me an amazing year! You made it fun to come to school every day. I hope you remember that learning can be fun and that it is worth trying your best, even when it is not easy. I have enjoyed watching each of you grow!

Over the summer, I want you to have tons of fun. Please take some time to enjoy reading and to practice all of your math facts. They will make next year so much easier. I have included a math and reading packet for some summer practice. Please try to do these to keep your skills sharp!

This year, so many have you have given me pictures, cards, gifts and kind words. I want you to know that everything has meant so much to me. You have made me smile each day. I was always to happy to come to work so I could see you.

Thank you for being such a nice class. I talked to you this year about the impression you leave and how important that is. Remember to treat everyone with respect and to try and make friends whenever you can. I was so proud of the way so many of you would volunteer to let someone join a partner activity so that they wouldn’t be left out. It is always important to think of others because they will value your friendship!

Have a great summer! I will see you next year!

Your third grade teacher,

Mr. Whelan