Videos posted: Thanks to the WG HS Staff that attended the session on organizing shared documents in Google Drive.

I created some videos on how to handle shared documents with Google Drive for organization. Please let me know if I can help further.

1) How to organize files that are shared with me.

YouTube Version

SchoolTube Version

2) How to share files on Google Drive

YouTube Version

SchoolTube Version

Video Channels Page added

I set up a page for my YubeTube and SchoolTube video channels. I can also add other sources that I may use for uploading in the future. This way as I add more content in the future, it is easy to browse them.

I hope you are having a great weekend,


Follow up videos added to High School Tech Wednesday page on Google Forms

I added links to 2 short videos that I made with one quick fix to prevent students from emailing responses to themselves from a Google Form. I also posted a link to the video that Jay mentioned with some quick tips on how to make duplicate quizzes to make the items more random.

I also plan to make a couple more videos tomorrow with full walkthroughs for question creation and grading through Flubaroo. If I am not able to finish them tomorrow, I will complete them over the weekend. I will update here when they are posted.

Once again, the page is listed to the right and above under the “After School” section.